The Website Started in 2009, this self-titled blog was originally intended to accompany the YouTube page created to show girls ways to style their hair at home versus going to a salon.  Over time, it has grown to cover a range of topics, and today is a daily read for hundreds of women worldwide. If you’ve got a few minutes, you can browse Hair Tutorials, check out swatches & reviews in Beauty, or read about my day-to-day Life adventures.   The Founder Lauren Holland is the author, founder, and creative force behind Lauren Mechelle, and shameless addict of DIY, chai tea (loose, never bagged), hyphens, and documentaries. Homeschooled until high school  and now living in the heart of Philadelphia's gayborhood (also known as Midtown Village, depending on who you ask), she has always done things a little differently.  Lauren's passion for blogging started with an early love of keeping elaborate journals + scrapbooks, and has grown to encompass DIYs in all areas of life - whether it be photoshopping her face onto 19th century artwork, making a plain pair of combat boots just a bit more badass , or experimenting with new ways to get her hair to curl.

A Few Favorite Posts 


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